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UPDATE. Cruise Ships for Sale: Marella Cruises

4 minutes read • June 4th, 2018
Dear friends! We continue to talk about

old cruise ships for sale

In the previous part, we discussed a Celebrity Cruises’ representative that is likely to leave her fleet soon. By the way, the company changed its intention to sell one cruise liner, as compared to the 2017 list (you can find this story here).
Today we’re going to check several vessels we found on S&P broker websites that reminded us of Marella Cruises’ ships.
Marella Cruises cruise ships for sale
Thomson Spirit Funnel by Pjotr Mahhonin/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
We already talked about old cruise ships put up for sale by Marella Cruises six months ago (you can find the article via this link). We decided to recheck these ships and compare the general characteristics of the liners we found and well-known vessels that look very similar to them.
Marella Celebration
Marella Cruises cruise ships for sale
Marella Celebration as Thomson Celebration in Alanya by ozgurmulazimoglu/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
Ship's Characteristics Marella Celebration Ship for sale
Year of construction 1984 1984
Length (m) 214.66 (704.27 ft) 214.66
Beam (m) 27.26 (89.44 ft) 27.22
Draft (m) 7.50 (24.61 ft) 7.70
Speed (Knots) 18 (according to some sources: 21)  21
Capacity 1,350  1,378

You can check this information here
Marella Dream
Marella Cruises cruise ships for sale
Marella Dream as Thomson Dream in St. Kitts by Roger W/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0
Ship's Characteristics Marella Dream Ship for sale
Year of construction 1986 1986
Length (m) 243.20 (798 ft) 243.20
Beam (m) 29.00 (95 ft 2 in) 29.00
Draft (m) 7.214 (23 ft 8.0 in) 7.22
Speed (Knots) 19 19
Capacity 1,506 1,744

This cruise ship is listed for sale here

Have you noticed the similarities? At the very least, they resemble very close one another. Just look at their liveries. We can easily see the Marella Cruises’ distinctive features in the pictures of liners we found on S&P broker websites.
However, we remind you that these are just our assumptions, and only time will tell whether they were correct or not.

This topic might be quite unpleasant. Many cruise lovers took their first sailings on beautiful old cruise liners that are put up for sale today. Nevertheless, life goes on, and cruise lines order more and more ultra-modern ships. Each of the new cruise ships 2018 is impressive (you can find the list here). Each of the vessels on order is revolutionary. Old beloved cruise ships have to give way to innovative newbuilds…

Anyway, we will always remember legendary cruise liners that once showed us the exciting cruise world. 

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