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Uruguay. City Tour In Montevideo. P1

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 3 minutes read • August 30th, 2016
We went on a city tour through 


1uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg2uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg3uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg4uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgOn the streets of the "South American Switzerland", there were quite a lot of homeless people.
5uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg6uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg7uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgUruguay is not a rich country. Sometimes it can be dangerous, provincial, but altogether quaint and pretty.
8uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg9uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgThese old carriages are the main attraction in the city. There are more of these carriages here than in Argentina; Uruguay is poorer and more provincial than Argentina.
10uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg11uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgNewspaper kiosks in Uruguay have a unique style.
13uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgThese locks are a symbol of family ties.
14uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgMontevideo has its own David.
15uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgWe came to the main square in Montevideo - 

Plaza Independencia

. And here's the most famous building in Uruguay, 

Palacio Salvo

16uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg17uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg18uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgLocal Uruguayans inhabit the most famous building.
19uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg20uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgHere's the main square:
21uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgThere was no unique style of the architecture in Montevideo.
22uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg23uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg24uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg25uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg26uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgThe Old Town is located in an area close to the port. These areas are not always prosperous in the cities of Latin America.
27uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpg28uruguay-city-tour-montevideo.jpgAbsolutely everything is sold in souvenir and antiques "flea" markets in the old town: cups and vintage spoon-plates, old toys, charms, pendants, rings and more.
Here's the second part of the review.
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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