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Uruguay. Montevideo

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • March 21st, 2016
Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America. Its population is a little over 3.5 million, half of whom live in the capital city of 


. The emphasis is on the last letter E, not on the I, as some people think... We were lucky in 


. My friend had kindly agreed to spend the whole day showing us the city. 

First of all, Montevideo is primarily a promenade, which is lovingly called the '


' by the locals. It is 12 miles (20 kilometers) long. All urban life revolves around it. Locals come here at every opportunity and bask on the sandy beaches. The promenade is soaked with sports - there are many runners and joggers:

I even noticed group aerobics classes:

After Rambla, there is the first line of houses - this is the most prestigious real estate. The price of luxury apartments here start at $1 million:

There were children's playgrounds near the water. Fishermen caught small fish, similar to ruffs:

There were plenty of old cars in the city:

Garbage collectors, for its further processing, choose this mode of transport:

The city itself was very quiet, peaceful and green. All the streets were planted with trees and looked the same:

Luxurious districts almost didn't differ from those in Florida. 

Sometimes, there happen to be stray buildings, as if they got into the city 'accidentally':

Dogs are held in high esteem there. They are often walked in small flocks:

Local markets were inundated with fresh fruits:

They even sold audio cassettes there. The last time I saw them on sale was in Riga, at the railway station:

Central square of Montevideo is adorned with a monument to General Artigas, but I prefer the building in the background. Note the number of air conditioners:

On the day of our visit, the sun was beating down mercilessly and workers were hiding under the shade of the trees.  

The most notable building of Montevideo is very similar to 'The Sail' in Dubai:

All the country's television studios are situated here:

There were a lot of police officers in the city. All of them were polite and friendly with tourists. One of them came to me, pointed to the camera strapped to my arm and told me to be careful because it could be stolen. For some reason, more than half of police officers were armed with dogs:

There was much less greenery in the old town and the streets themselves looked deserted:

In the center of the old town, stretched a small park:

But the most memorable part of Uruguay was, of course, the meat delicacies. In the city center, right next to the port, several meat restaurants were under one roof, simultaneously. All of them offered a wide range of meat cooked on the grill:

You can eat either at the tables, with the accompaniment of local musicians:

Or just at the bar:

We ordered a meat dish for two, hoping that the three of us could eat it:

We could not manage to eat even a half the whole meal. In addition to the meat, we had a plate of vegetables on the grill:

Together, with this meat madness, I tasted the local beer which was brought to me in a champagne cooler:
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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