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Uruguay. Winter In Montevideo

Maksim Lemos - Ruar • 3 minutes read • August 30th, 2016
I want to show you what winter is like in 

Montevideo . . . in June!

1uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg2uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg3uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg4uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg5uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg6uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg7uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg8uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpgThere's one entrenched truth, and that is that "Uruguay is the whitest country in Latin America." The men in the photo below are not tourists. In fact, while they are not completely related to the indigenous Uruguayans, they are the remaining descendants of slaves; making up a large portion of the population in Uruguay. These people have retained their original traditions, music, and dances. One particular style being the Candombe dance.
9uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpgBy the way, the provocative Candombe dance is performed every Sunday in Buenos Aires, on Defensa Street. This is important because the people dance for fun, not money. It's like a sport-music club on Sunday.
10uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg11uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpgThese were some abandoned places in the city.
12uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg13uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg14uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg15uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg16uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg17uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg18uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg19uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpgEven during the severe Uruguayan winter, there was green grass and flowers. It was cool, about 44 degrees Fahrenheit (+7 degrees Celsius).
20uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg21uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg22uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg23uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg24uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpg25uruguay-winter-in-montevideo.jpgOur walk through 

Montevideo in the wintertime

had ended.
Author: Maksim Lemos - Ruar
Source: ru-ar.ru
Translated by: 

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