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USA, Florida. Miami, Coconut Grove

o_l_g_a_r_i • 3 minutes read • August 30th, 2016
During our visit to 


, we stayed in 3 places - 

South Beach 

(the so-called SoBe), Downtown and 

Coconut Grove

In Coconut Grove we lived in a wonderful hotel in the center, right next to CocoWalk.
I fell in love with this place instantly!!!
There’s everything I love - lush vegetation, just like the jungles - and it is all around the beautiful houses and restaurants. The atmosphere is very relaxed - people were sitting in cafes, running in parks along the paths, walking dogs, etc.
It's just like a dream!
But these were the impressions of the first day... Everything turned out to be not so romantic...
1usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg2usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg3usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg4usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg5usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg6usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg7usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg8usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg9usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg10usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg11usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpgThere’s a very small center, the so-called CocoWalk. It is quite crowded in the evening…
12usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg13usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg14usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpgThe neighboring streets are full of cafes and shops...
18usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpg19usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove.jpgHere’s the second part of the review.
Author: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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