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USA, Florida. Miami, Coconut Grove. P2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • August 30th, 2016
I continue my article about 


. The first part can be found here.
Now, let take a look inside this house...
It resembles European or Mediterranean styles… Why cannot such style exist in America?
That house intrigued me with its facade on the very first day. That's how it looks from one side...
1usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgAnd this is the view from the other side. Notice the clouds on the ceiling.
2usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgAnd this is the inside view...
3usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg4usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg5usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg6usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg7usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg8usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgIt looks like a museum or a restaurant, right?. It turned out to be something like a banquet hall which hosts weddings, etc.
And now let's go towards the sea.
9usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg10usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg11usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg12usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgBy the way, I have not seen so many dogs before in one place!!! This district is known as "dog-friendly"...

Coconut Grove 

is called “a little bohemian, a little Bahamian”. The interesting fact is that initially, in 1800, mainly scientists, artists, and writers settled here. (Together with the Bahamian settlers which neighborhoods are not safe to go to!).
Also, it is called «Miamis original art district» because there are a lot of interesting shops in the center, and on Mayfair Promenade, the artists hold exhibitions on the street every first Saturday of the month. It takes place here…
14usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg15usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgDuring our visit, and perhaps permanently, there was such an exhibition of peacocks, i.e. we saw one simply at every step.
16usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg17usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg18usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgNot only exhibitions are held there, but regattas as well.
20usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgI also liked this park - The 

Barnacle Historic State Park

21usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgYou need to pay a fee there (the amount is symbolic).
There is a description of many plants.
We read that this palm is "edible". Only the so-called "heart of palm" can be eaten, but in such a case, the palm dies. However, that is not a reason to refuse to eat the salad of the heart of palm, because they are grown specifically for this purpose.
We went further...
22usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg23usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg24usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgAnd we came out to the sea.
25usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgThere are chairs for visitors to relax.
26usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgOr here one can lounge on a terrace of this house and rocking chairs...
27usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgThere is no beach, but you can go boating.
28usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg29usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgThis is a local church. There is a school there as well.
30usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg31usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg32usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg33usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg34usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg35usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg36usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgWe saw such information booths in some places.
37usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgIn the evening, CocoWalk becomes very lively. The local cafes are very cozy.
38usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg39usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg40usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg41usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpg42usa-florida-miami-coconut-grove-p2.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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