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USA, Florida. Miami, South Beach

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • August 30th, 2016
Let me tell you about the biggest attraction in 


South Beach 

(also known as SoBe), an absolute "must see" for anyone wishing to visit Miami!
The Art Deco District, on 

Ocean Drive

, is home to art galleries, a mall on Lincoln Road, a relaxing beach atmosphere and cozy restaurants on the waterfront... it all sounds very tempting but it didn't turn out as I had imagined...
The most notable difference was that we chose a hotel right on Ocean Drive.
Firstly, it is very noisy and the noise usually lasts all night long (depending on the day of the week, from what I understand) and secondly, everything is oriented toward tourists, except for the quality of the service and food. During the entire trip, this was the only place where the food was pretty bad :(. And thirdly, it’s inadequately expensive here.
Hotels on Ocean Drive are a different story.
1usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgInitially, they were supposed to be cheap but modern hotels (70-80 years ago) were forgotten about due to various crises'. Only recently have they been recalled, repaired and advertised to the general public.
The Art Deco style is quite interesting and makes for a nice sightseeing walk. 
The Art Deco is divided into 3 main styles – “Streamline Modern”, “Mediterranean Revival” and “Traditional Art Deco”.
“Streamline Modern” has a more futuristic tone.  
Below is an example...
2usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg3usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg4usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgAnd this an example of "Traditional Art Deco”.
5usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgFinally, the “Mediterranean Revival” style.
6usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg7usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgThese hotels are very typical examples of classic Art Deco.
They each have standard 3 floors and certain colors are used on the facade...
Some hotels, like the one below, have been noticeably influenced by "maritime" themes, a style known as “Nautical Modern”.
8usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgThis hotel was built by architect Leonard Horowitz, in “Deco Dazzle” style.
9usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgAnd here are two other typical Art Deco hotels. Note the color, especially the combination of white, blue and green that was of the 30's and 40's. The colors reflected the close relationship between Miami to the blue sea and lush green vegetation.
10usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgThe marine theme can be seen in various forms on the facade of many hotels...
11usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg12usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg13usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg14usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg15usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgNotice how many restaurants are located on Ocean Drive!
16usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg17usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg18usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgUsually, while passing by any restaurant you are asked insistently to come in!
What's more, the food is usually terrible in quality. Apparently, it is designed for tourists, who "pass by" felling hungry, and won't be back a second or third time . . .
To be honest, the local beach is not that impressive either. The sand is imported and you can definitely tell. You also can't enjoy a nice swim because of the harsh waves.
19usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg20usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg21usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgBetween the beach and the hotels, we saw a small park where homeless people slept under the palm trees, and people were either walking or rollerblading by . . .
22usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg23usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgOn the other hand, there are some very interesting sights in the neighboring streets of Ocean Drive.
For example, Espanola Way and Lincoln Road Mall.
The former is basically a place where people meet up at restaurants for a night out.
24usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg25usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgAnd Lincoln Road Mall is full of various shops and cafes.
26usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg27usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg28usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg29usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg30usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgAnd these are the adjacent streets.
31usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg32usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg33usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg34usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg35usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpg36usa-florida-miami-south-beach.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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