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Valentine’s Day Cruise: Is There Love on a Cruise Ship?

4 minutes read • February 14th, 2020
Yes, our world is going through difficult times. Wildfires, earthquakes, diseases. But with your permission, we’d like to get your mind off all disasters and hardship and talk about love. After all, it’s Valentine’s Day today. And this article is dedicated to

Valentine’s Day cruises

. So is there love on a cruise ship?
Valentine Cruise
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Well, the Valentine’s Day cruise is about...

A look of love

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Hearts. Lots of hearts

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Sincere smiles

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Публикация от Kate (@katefinnley)

Surprises and presents

“Made with love”

Beautiful decorations

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Romantic mornings

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Love in every detail

Sunsets and sunrises

Marriage proposals, weddings, honeymoons

And, of course, the Valentine’s Day cruise is about kisses...

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So what’s the answer to the question? Of course, there is love on the cruise. At every step, at every turn, in every sound, in every breath.
Love and be loved!

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