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Vancouver and its naval vicinities. P1

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016


is quite big city, third in the country after Toronto and Montreal and has population nearly 600 thousands citizens (counting all suburbs it reaches 2 mln). The city is situated only in 10 km from the boarder with the USA in the outfall of Freizer river on both banks of a long Burrard inlet and is embosomed in mountains covered with a high forest steamwood: Coast Mountains on the north and east, Baker mountain (3285 m) on the south beyond the American border and towering above the azure water of the gulf mountain ridge of the Vancouver Island. A lot of mountain tops are snow-capped during the year. Vancouver is famous for its mild and warm climate, where subhumid forests of conifer species, maple and alder are neighboring with brought here different palm-trees and other exotic plants.
1-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgWith such interesting place I was acquainted in the nearest day before the cruise. Well, let's preserve a tradition and start the acquaintance with the city from the side, moreover such walk is very pleasant. Having left the route I go through the city to the

Stanley Park


This is a picture gallery of Vancouver:
2-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgNot far from the entrance to the Park there is a picturesque lake with the fountain:
3-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg4-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgDucks may be calm! There are no wolves here!
5-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgAfter passing the lake we go to the close thicket of the Park, through which there are a lot of pedestrian and bicycle pathes.
6-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgThis is a Canadian squirrel:
7-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgIt is very interesting  how a new tree put down roots out of the old stub:
8-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgWe go through the forest and now we can see a sea views of Burrard inlet, across which in 1937-38 a wire bridge ws built. Now it is one of the main cultural spots of Vancouver.
9-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg10-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg11-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg12-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgEvery several minutes you can hear hydroplanes flying above the inlet.
13-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgHere's the plan: to cross the inlet via the bridge and reach the

Grouse Mountain

of 1000 m height, from the top of which Vancouver is spread before your eyes. All the theory was very good, but actually 8-10 km on the map and afield differs greatly, especially when road goes up slightly.
14-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgNearly on the halfway between the center of the city and the Grouse Mountain a nice park is situate where you can have rest and relieve on the banks of a mountain river Capilano.15-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg16-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgThe main sight of the park is a Capilano Suspension Bridge, that crosses the valley on the height of 50 m.
17-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgAnd despite the main bridge, it is interesting to walk across the other small bridges that are tied to the ock with special ankers.
18-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg19-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgBut Capilano Suspension Bridge is the main sight of this park, especially when there are a lot of people on the bridge and it sway steadily underfoot.
20-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg21-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg22-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgSuspension Bridges are everywhere here. On the opposite bank of the river, for example, swaying suspension bridges are hang between nearby conifer trees and forms an interesting cable road.
23-vancouver-canada-p1.jpg24-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgThe way back above the river.
25-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgAnd my prize is a dinner, tea and coffee and such melodical american country music of the beginning of the XX century.
26-vancouver-canada-p1.jpgHalf an hour more and the aim is reached. Cables of this road is going upwards to the top of Grouse Mountain. While waiting for a carriage I admire beautiful sculptures.
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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