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Vancouver and its naval vicinities. P2

Uritsk Andrey • 4 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016


from the side is partly seen already (tomorrow we will see it from the board of the ship). Now we'll see


from above. But day was cloudy (it rains very often in this region, as well as on the south-east of


, in a so called handle of a Alaskan pan). But I'd rather catch the moment when it is not totally stuck with clouds. This is a view of Vancouver and its vicinities from the height of 1000 m.
1-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgOn the top of the mountain there is quite a lot snow, even in the middle of the summer.
2-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgBig ships seems so tiny from here.
3-vancouver-canada-p2.jpg4-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgAnd this is perhaps a high-mountain turkey, or something like that...
5-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgOn the top you may find a lot of different carved statues on different themes like Indians, severe woodmen and buildmen, birds made of wood..
6-vancouver-canada-p2.jpg7-vancouver-canada-p2.jpg8-vancouver-canada-p2.jpg9-vancouver-canada-p2.jpg10-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgFrom here to the very top there's one more cable road, shorter one. Right in these places Olympic roads of Vancouver passes, that's why now I am in a really remarkable place.
11-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgCloudiness falls lower and lower, but it is pleasant to walk in the mountains even in the fog. There are no bright views, but such calm coloring is also very impressive. Road goes to the very top of the mountain through a huge snow corridor. There is a gigantic ventilator with the sightseeing platform, from where you can see a really amazing views of Vancouver, all nearby mountains and other vicinities.
12-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgI eager to see the ventilator very much.
13-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgHere are mining techniques:
15-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgAnd here are wide eagle owls:
16-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgSuch a tender narcissus
17-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgThree main sports in Vancouver are hockey (of course!), basketball and lacrosse.
18-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgOne more glance on Vancouver center from above and I have to go down.
19-vancouver-canada-p2.jpgAfter such accelerated matches my way back to the hotel is to be done by bus, if to precise, by 2 buses, 1 is usual, and the second is water-bus across the Burrard inlet.
This was our first acquaintance with Vancouver. Tomorrow we will continue, after what at 4:30 pm the "Island Princess" will start its cruise along the coast of the Pacific Ocean to Alaska.

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Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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