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Vancouver and its naval vicinities. P3

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 22nd, 2016
Boarding starts from the noon, and today morning can be dedicated to walks on


streets, that is the third part of my acquaintance with the city philosophy. The weather is very gray and rainy, but it is not a trouble for such enthusiast as I am. Center of


is not that big and it can be watched during a few hours. Not far from the hotel there is located a World War II memorial.
1-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgOne of the main sights of Vancouver is a steam-driven watch on the corner of Water Street and Camby Street.
2-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgThis watch is considered to be the very first in the world steam-watch. The watch was constructed in the 70-th of IXX century and it still striking every 15 minutes.
3-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgAt the mooring of the cruise dock the

"Island Princess"

is already docked.
4-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgAnd this is a water-bus, by which we crossed the bay yesterday.
5-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgNothing's new in this world. At one of the moorings of the sea harbor station we saw a well-known "Volendam". In winter we stood together in one of a New Zealand harbors, and now we met again and we will sail together to Alaska.
6-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg7-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgWater Street is one of the most pleasant streets of central Vancouver.
8-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgThe funniest and most unusual monument in Vancouver is, surely, the one to Jack Bolton, called after Jack Dayton aka Gassy, who was famous for his long tongue and a saloon he opened in 1867 for a lumbermill workers.
9-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgThis unusual triangle building resembles a famous Flatiron building on the crossing of Broadway and The 5th avenue in NY.

10-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgMeanwhile, together with "Volendam" and "Crystal Symphony" of Crystal Cruises company we leave the harbor of Vancouver at 4:30 p.m. and start our route along a pacific ocean coast of Canada and Alaska. Here are some views of Vancouver and its harbor from the upper deck of the "Island Princess".
11-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg12-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgCruise terminal of Vancouver looks like a huge sailship.
13-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg14-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg15-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg16-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg17-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg18-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgHaving left the mooring, ship sails under the Lions Gate Bridge, away from a Burrard inlet and starts the way by the stretched system of passages to the Pacific Ocean. It is worth to say that the route from Vancouver to Alaska passes mainly via closed sea sections such as passages, fjords, other narrownesses and only two days out of six the ship sails in the ocean.
19-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg20-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg21-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgFor a long time we goes on the parallel line with "Volendam" but it started to increase speed and till the evening it is just a dark dot on the horizon.
22-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg23-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg24-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgSea and coastal photos of the British Columbia are beautiful!
25-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgIt is quite chilly outdoors, fresh air turns a spindrift into the water dust.
26-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgRainy clouds gather above the nearby mountains and horizon, promising next day to be rainy, However, nothing special, as the sea south-eastern coast of Alaska and neighboring British Columbia are famous for its mild and rainy climate. But we have 2 weeks on Alaska. We will have the chance to see in different states.
27-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg28-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg29-vancouver-canada-p3.jpg30-vancouver-canada-p3.jpgAll night ship sailed via a system of passages, separating the great Vancouver island from the Continent.Sometimes the width of the passage reaches 1-2 km, but now we can see fires of a nearby cities.


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Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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