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Vanuatu, The Efate Island. P1

xorolik • 4 minutes read • June 18th, 2016


 is one of the most extraordinary island groups in the Pacific Ocean, often called the "untouched paradise of Oceania".
1vanuatu-efate.jpgWe moored on the shores of this happy country on the fourth day of our cruise trip. 


 is a Pacific country in Melanesia, situated on 83 islands of the New Hebrides archipelago.
This is their flag.
2vanuatu-efate.jpgEfate Island is the third largest island in Vanuatu, and the country's most popular destination among tourists. The capital of Vanuatu is 

Port Vila

on Efate island. Port Vila is the administrative and commercial center of the country. There is also the International Airport Bauerfield.
The Vanuatu Islands are located in the volcanic belt of the Pacific Ocean, where the Australian and Pacific lithospheric plates meet. Therefore, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are frequent on the islands, although they usually don't have a destructive force.
Another name for Vanuatu is "the country of smiling people."
Let’s go! :)
3vanuatu-efate.jpg4vanuatu-efate.jpg5vanuatu-efate.jpg6vanuatu-efate.jpg7vanuatu-efate.jpg8vanuatu-efate.jpg9vanuatu-efate.jpgThis was a local market.
10vanuatu-efate.jpg11vanuatu-efate.jpg12vanuatu-efate.jpg13vanuatu-efate.jpg14vanuatu-efate.jpg15vanuatu-efate.jpg16vanuatu-efate.jpg17vanuatu-efate.jpgThese are the living conditions of the locals.
18vanuatu-efate.jpg19vanuatu-efate.jpg20vanuatu-efate.jpgHere’s a memorial to people who died in the First World War. "From the population of the New Hebrides in the memory of those who died in the war of 1914-18".
21vanuatu-efate.jpgThere was an observation deck near the memorial, with a great view of the bay and Iririki Island.
22vanuatu-efate.jpg23vanuatu-efate.jpg24vanuatu-efate.jpgLocals commonly drink kava. "Kava" is the national drink of Vanuatu. It is a drink prepared through the process of fermentation. I have already written about it in the review about Fiji. Besides kava, the locals also drink coffee. We stopped at a small factory, Tana Coffee, where we saw all the stages of coffee processing. We also enjoyed a cup of coffee. It was coffee with a chocolate aftertaste and no acidity.
Translated by: Zoozi

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