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Victoria Is The Only City In The Seychelles

Sergey Dolya • 5 minutes read • April 11th, 2016
Victoria is the capital of the 


and the only city in the state. There are, of course, small settlements on the island, but they are rather what we call "urban villages." There are practically no streets due to the compact lifestyle. Usually, in mail, only a district is indicated (it may be a separate island) and a recipient's name. The center of Victoria is small, up to a mile. I saw just 3-4 new modern buildings there. However, people don't go to the Seychelles for the city. An artificial island looks like an incredible oasis against the backdrop of modest, and in some places quite provincial surroundings. Luxury yachts, mansions, and a shopping center are the main attractions of the capitalist culture...
The Clock Tower seems to be the only place of interest in the city, which is situated at the intersection with the Avenue of Independence:
It is called "mini-Big Ben" and considered to be its copy, but it is actually not. The Clock Tower is a replica of the tower, installed in 1892 at London's Westminster on Vauxhall Bridge Road.
On the island, one can find a unique theater with its own peculiarities. First, the same movie is shown the whole week. Secondly, movie sessions are interrupted by a half-hour smoke break. I saw it for the first time in Amsterdam when I went to the cinema, and in the middle of the movie the light turned on, and the audience went out. At first, I was at a loss, thinking how could it be? We didn’t see the end! And then I realized that it was an "intermission":
A typical street looks like this:
It is difficult to call it typical. There are only two and a half of them:
Suddenly, we saw such a colorful house:
Rue du Bazar is a central pedestrian street of the Seychelles.
This is the same street with a view in the opposite direction:

Here's the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. 
This is a beautiful Hindu temple:

"The Pirates Arms" is the most famous and popular restaurant, not only in Victoria but also in all the Seychelles. It is opened daily until late and they serve draught beer (locals are very proud of it):
Here's a statue of Queen Victoria, after whom the town is named:
What else is there in the city? There is the Natural History Museum (which is permanently closed):

 Here's the 

Beau Valon 

police station:
This is a modern building of the Seychelles Airlines headquarters:

There is also a postal service:

Now let's walk through the shopping center of the "Paradise Island". 
Notice that there is no Cartier and Armani:

This is the exit from the shopping center in the direction of the port with yachts:
Here's a juice bar:
In the next review, you will see what is outside the town on the island 


Author: Sergeydolya
Translated by: Gian Luka

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