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View of the Cruise World from the Captains Bridge

3 minutes read • June 6th, 2018
Cruise ships have many exciting public venues to eat, relax, dance, play games, enjoy the performance, do sports, etc. However, there’s also a magical place that will take your breath away as soon as you enter it.
We are talking about the

Captains Bridge

, and we offer you to look at the cruise world through the Captain’s eyes.
Cruise ship Captain's Bridge
©  Public Domain/Pixabay 

We found these inspiring videos on the Internet, and we hope they will encourage you to visit the ship’s “inner sanctum” on your next cruise.
Do you love the moment when the ship leaves the port? Guess the best place to enjoy it!
Be sure to take a tour of the Captain's Bridge if you have such an opportunity. You’ll see the other side of cruises, and it will make you a real cruise addict.
When you look at such faces of people operating cruise liners, you may be sure that your ship is in the right hands. It seems Harmony of the Seas has the calmest bridge team ever.  
We interviewed many cruise ship workers. We asked them about their favorite place on the liner. Almost everyone said "The Captain's Bridge." As incredible as it may sound, it is the quietest and the most tranquil place on the vessel. It gives freedom and offers mind-blowing views.
Have you ever taken the tour of the Captain’s Bridge? Share your impressions and pictures in the comments!

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