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Viking Museum

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The Viking Museum (Danish: Vikingemuseet) is a small underground in situ museum in central Aarhus, Denmark.

The Viking Museum is located at the square of Sankt Clemens Torv, beneath the Nordea bank building and is situated upon the site of an archaeological excavation in the 1960s, 3 m below street level. The excavations revealed various Viking Age structures, items, and parts of a human skeleton. The museum provides information regarding the history of Viking Age Aarhus in general and also features copies of items on display at the much larger Moesgaard Museum to the south of Aarhus. After a period of renovation, the museum reopened during the Aarhus Viking Town Market on May 24, 2008.

The museum is administered by the Moesgård Museum and financed by both Aarhus Municipality and Nordea and there is no entry fees.



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