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Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild In Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Sapovich Ekaterina • 3 minutes read • November 12th, 2016
Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, located near


can be described as a place full of calm, luxury and wealth. This place was discovered by Belgian King Leopold II, his villa is still the most expensive villa in the world. The

Villa Ephrussi De Rothschild

, where weddings and parties are held by modern celebrities and rich people, has become the most famous villa.
1saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpgI did not like the villa. Outside it looks like a usual villa, but inside all the best things were collected at once. It is literally crammed with some Gothic, Baroque, and many other finishing elements stuck on the wall. The beauty of the place is that it is a cape (see the panorama), which is surrounded by the sea.
2saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpg3saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpg4saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpgThere are few gardens around the villa.
5saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpg6saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpg7saint-jean-cap-ferrat-and-villa-ephrussi-de-rothschild.jpgTherefore the beaches of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat are as beautiful as the beaches in Monaco. Because of the mountains around, there are almost no waves and the wind, unlike the neighboring


and Nice. So it is much comfortable to swim and sunbathe there. That is the velvet season lasts longer. ;)
Author:  Sapovich Ekaterina
Translated by: 

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