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Visiting Apia City, Samoa. P1

mff • 4 minutes read • February 5th, 2017
Lonely Planet Guides knows about 25 synonyms of the word marvelous, but only one word is used for the description of the Oceania capitals: vibrant.



, the capital and the only city in the country, the country's only McDonald's is advertised in the tourist brochures with a slogan "Taste a bit of home in paradise". In the background: the advertising of the Polynesian Blue, a single aircraft airline, one of the firms Branson Virgin Group, demonstrating the metaphor of the power: "tattooed" engines.
1visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgHere are the tattooed local guys:
9visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpg10visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgThere's constructivism in


11visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgReading about Oceania, it seems to be a typical oceanic capital - a cool fun city with lots of colonial architecture. Although, the reality is disappointing: very few things have remained from better times.
12visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgApia was growing up by absorbing the surrounding villages. Districts are still called by the names of those villages, and, most importantly, these villages have kept the rustic self-government and communal ownership of land.

This is the main square of Apia. There's the Government House in a six-storied building.
13visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgMachines are decorated with plush rugs and plush pairs of dices.
14visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgSamoa is a rare example of a country with the left-hand traffic to make it easier to use second-hand machines from New Zealand. Therefore, the ratio of RHD and LHD cars in the country is exactly 1:1.
15visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgThere so many children, classes and schools in Apia that shirts and skirts color combinations are not enough to identify parallels and thus special strips are added:
16visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgUsually, computers are turned off in the offices and all the documents flow is produced on pre-printed letterheads.
17visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgIf you want to get nice shots, you should go to the fish market. In Samoa, for some reason, [here's almost no fresh local fish except ahi, yellowfin tuna.
18visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgThere's a special profession represented in


: a wiper. This is a person working in bars/markets, who do nothing but wipe smudges.
19visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpgThese are colorful buses in Samoa.
20visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpg21visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpg22visiting-apia-city-4samoa.jpg Author: mff
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