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Visiting Apia City, Samoa. P2

mff • 4 minutes read • February 5th, 2017
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Christianity is one of the most important things in


. Christian missionaries appeared in Polynesia in the 1830s and, from a historical point of view, had instantly spread their faith to all the archipelagos.
1visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgThe bigger church in a village - the better!
2visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg3visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgThe buildings of the churches are of several types, depending on the sect to which they belong. There are Protestants 46.1%, Roman Catholics 19.6%, Methodists 15%, Mormons 12.7%, Adventists 3.5%.

US-Australia-New Zealand type of road sign Ford does not denote the proximity of the Ford service center, and a ford (shallow of a river): Samoa compose relatively small volcanic islands, so there are a lot of seasonal rivers, so that the bridges are not built, but the fords across rivers are concreted in many places with a view of the economy.

That thing behind the sign is a waste "bin".
4visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgAlmost all along the coast of Samoa, the villages have fused into one settlement, so if there are no pointers between the villages, the only way to distinguish the village is by waste bins and covering (grass/sand/volcanic stone).
5visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg6visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgEvery day, from 6 to 7 pm, the gong is rung in a village and evening prayer is started. This prayer is associated with the rising of the first star.
7visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg8visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg9visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgEverything is closed on Sunday.

The locals are dressing in their best clothes, and go to the church.
10visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg11visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgOn September 30, 2009, a tsunami swept away the southern coast of the country. Although, nowadays the evidence of that event has almost gone.
12visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg13visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgHere are few local places of attraction.
14visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg15visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpg16visiting-apia-city-5samoa.jpgThese are the traditional Samoan dances.


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