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Visiting Apia City, Samoa. P3

mff • 4 minutes read • February 6th, 2017

Visiting Apia City, Samoa. P1

Visiting Apia City, Samoa. P2

Clans form a basis for the Samoan society. Private is usually suppressed by the public: the richer clan, the better for the Samoan. The government of Samoa does not provide the locals with social maintenance, so the clan cares for the elderly and infirm persons. The ground is a property of the clan/village, and not of a man. Although there's some land on the skirts of Apia, which may be used for western businesses and businesses owned by foreigners. Mainly this is the reason for the economic growth of Western Samoa for the last 50 years, while all of the resources are left in the hands of Samoan.

The families are headed by fono (district or village council), consisting of matai (chiefs). Every village has many different matai: high chief (ali'i), village mayor (pulenu'u) and chief-orator (tulafale). Social role and behavior algorithms are assigned to the person depending on his/her role: a man, a single woman, a married woman or a child. There are also boys, who have been grown up as a girl, and being an adult, he behaves like a woman and fulfills women's economic and social role, but, as I understand it, this story is not really related to homosexuality.
1visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpgThere are plenty of children in


. The locals love children. Almost since childhood, they are left to themselves - senior children take care for younger ones. The main duty of the younger is to respect the elders, not only parents but also all the adults (matai, adults, older children).
2visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg3visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg4visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg5visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg6visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg7visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpgThe volcanic islands of the Samoa archipelago are old enough to form a reef and idyllic white beaches, but young enough for the local volcanoes to erupt and destroy everything.

Here's a ground-swell on Savai'i island.
8visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpgThis is a beach on the island of Upolu.
9visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg10visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg11visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg12visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpg13visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpgThe local guys are "fishing".
14visiting-apia-city-2samoa.jpgAlmost each natural attraction is owned by a local family that charges a fee.


 you can read the last part of this review (it's about sports and cuisine in Samoa).
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