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Visiting Apia City, Samoa. P4

mff • 4 minutes read • February 6th, 2017
This is the last review about Samoa, and its capital -

Apia city


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Samoans are crazy everyday athletes. There is not much fun on the islands, so the sport is one of the most important things to do there. There are three favorite kinds of sports.
In the evening, some basketball grounds are taken by young and male, others - by respectable matrons and retired. At night, ordinary citizens and suspicious characters shrink in billiard clubs, and in the rest of the time, of course, they play quidditch!
1visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg2visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg3visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg4visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgBilliard clubs are very popular at night time.
5visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg6visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgThere are no billiard clubs in the villages. Although there is plenty of private and public billiard-tables.
7visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg8visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgPolynesian food, in spite of globalization, is still alive. It is not clear how, but nowadays it is really cheaper to cook from imported potatoes/pasta and frozen chicken legs, but apparently it is not enough for the Polynesian food to vanish completely.

You can see one of the traditional dishes in the picture below.
Its french name is poisson cru. This is ahi (a Polynesian word for yellowfin tuna) marinated in coconut milk with lime juice, cucumbers, and tomatoes, with onion/garlic/other vegetables added depending on the traditions of the local cuisine.

The specific feature of Samoa, comparing to the surrounding Polynesian countries is the presence of a small but noticeable cattle breeding. There are beef and lamb meat that is cooked perfectly.
9visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgTaro (in the center of the photo) is a special 100% Polynesian root crop, tasting like a potato. Chips made from, as well as a puree.
10visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgThe locals use eco baskets made of palm leaves instead of plastic bags.
11visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg12visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg13visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgBut, as elsewhere in Polynesia, the principal meat here is chicken and pork that can be found in any village.
14visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg15visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg16visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpgThese are bananas (I asked).
17visiting-apia-city-3samoa.jpg Author: mff
Translated by: Zoozi

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