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Waikoloa Beach

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Waikoloa Beach is an area located on the South Kohala coast on the island of Hawaii and is located in the census-designated place of Puako. It can be confused for Waikoloa Village, a CDP in the same "ahupuaʻa" and is also known as "Waikoloa".

The area is home to many notable cultural and geologic features of the ancient Hawaiian culture including aquaculture fishponds, anchialine ponds and petroglyphs.


Ala Kahakai

Ala Kahakai or “trail by the sea” is the name for the ancient pathway that runs along the coastline in the Waikoloa area that linked important entities in the Hawaiian culture including communities, temples, fishing areas, etc. The Ala Kahakai, estimated to be 175 miles (282 km) long, is commonly called “King’s Trail".

Anaehoomalu Bay

ʻAnaehoʻomalu Bay, also known as A-Bay, is a palm fringed beach, shallow water bay located on the South Kohala coast on the island of Hawaii. ʻAnaehoʻomalu is best known for its sunsets, snorkeling and historic royal fishponds. The nearest town is Waikaloa Village, which used to be owned by Parker Ranch. The property just North of the beach and fishponds are owned and operated by Outrigger Hotels & Resorts. The area is part of the Waikoloa Beach Resort, and the beach is sometimes called Waikoloa Beach (although another beach with this name is on Maui island.)

It is the location of the Lavaman Triathlon, one of the qualifying events for the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. Also there is a water sport shop to rent snorkeling equipment & tours, a glass bottom boat, paddle boards,kayaks, and hydro bikes. It is also the home of the waikola canoe club.

Anaehoʻomalu, also known as "A Bay" is best known for its sunsets, snorkeling and its historical significance in Hawaiian culture. Waikoloa Beach is in Anaehoʻomalu Bay at the southernmost point of the Waikoloa area.

Anchialine ponds

The anchialine ponds of Waikoloa are part of Hawaiian culture and were preserved in 1985 as the Waikoloa Anchialine Pond Preservation Area maintained by the University of Hawaii. The brackish water lava pools located just at the coastline are fed by both freshwater springs from rain water and sea water making the ponds a unique microclimate suitable for a various small fishes, crustaceans, mollusks and tiny red shrimp.

Kuʻualiʻi and Kahapapa Fishponds

The Kuʻualiʻi and Kahapapa Fishponds are located just behind the Waikoloa Beach in Anaehoʻomalu bay. Historically, it is understood that Anaeho’omalu was a center of thriving aquaculture. The two ponds were part of complex of fish farms, carefully tended by ancient Hawaiian people.

Hilton Waikoloa Village

The Hilton Waikoloa Village is built on 62 acres (250,000 m2) and has 1240 rooms and suites with tropical gardens, waterfalls, lagoons and waterways. The resort features gardens, artworks, and statues. It was originally developed in 1988 as the Hyatt Regency Waikoloa, however was sold to Hilton in 2002. The Hilton Waikoloa Village recently unveiled the new Dolphin Quest Village. The popular game show Wheel of Fortune has taped at the resort in the past, most recently in 2014.


There are many historically significant petroglyphs or stone carvings in the Waikoloa. They are potentially the closest thing to a written language that Hawaiians used. The petroglyphs are thought to be astronomical symbols.


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