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Walk Around Heraklion, Crete

Anich • 3 minutes read • October 23rd, 2016
One day, we decided to arrange a self-guided tour around 


, the capital of Crete.
1walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg2walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg3walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgUnfortunately, we had to wait 40 minutes for a bus. Although, the local buses were nice and comfortable. 
4walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg5walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg6walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg7walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgThere's an airport located in Heraklion, so the fans of the aircraft can admire it quite often.
8walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg9walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgThis is the Church of St. Titus.
10walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgHere are some balconies.The guide said that now this is a head-office of the city government.
11walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgThis is a basilica of St. Mark. The office is not held there, however, there is an authentic hardwood ceiling. It is almost invisible in the photo - there's a piece in the top-left corner.

cathedral of St. Mina

is one of the largest churches in Greece.
16walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg17walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg18walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg19walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgThis is the Port of Koules.
20walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg21walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgHere's the 

Koules Fortress

("Castello a Mare").
22walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg23walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg24walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg25walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg26walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpgThen we went to the beach.
27walk-around-heraklion-crete.jpg Author: Anich
Source: anich.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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