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Walk Around The City Of Melbourne, Australia

Anich • 3 minutes read • October 22nd, 2016
After we left Eureka Tower in Melbourne, we had a couple of hours to walk through the city.
There were different and beautiful birds throughout the city.
1walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg2walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg3walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgHere’s a view of 


from the waterfront of the 

Yarra River

4walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg5walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgIn the previous post there were views from the tower, but now it's time to look at the tower itself :)
6walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgHere’s a beautiful pedestrian bridge.
7walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgIt was time to grab something to eat. I ordered squid.
8walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgThe salad was very tasty and the squid was amazingly fresh!
9walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg10walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgThis is the city bustle.
11walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgIt’s a monument to businessmen.
12walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg13walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg14walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg15walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg16walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg17walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg18walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg19walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgHere’s a monument to Matthew Flinders, a British explorer in Australia.

St. Paul's Cathedral

is the largest cathedral and Anglican Cathedral in Melbourne.
22walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgFederation Square is a venue for cultural and social events.
23walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgHere’s Yarra River.
24walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpg25walk-around-the-city-of-melbourne-australia.jpgIn the next review about Australia, I’m going to talk about country life and the animals that inhabit it.
Author: Anich
Source: anich.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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