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Walking Around Jurmala

wwworld • 4 minutes read • October 31st, 2016
The air of the


seaside was so fresh! It was July 31, and we all were in jackets! :)
We got to Jurmala by train from the central station of Riga. The road took us about 40 minutes, trains depart every 30 minutes.
After leaving the train, first of all we went to the beach. The weather was really fresh!
But despite this and despite the fact that the sea here is very shallow, people were bathing. I do not know how! You'll feel as cold as ice until you reach some acceptable depth.
And we just took a walk along the beach.
Here are pines - you just have no idea what's kind of air there is!!!
We left the beach somewhere deep in a residential area of Jurmala. And we met a whole family riding bicycles towards the beach! You guys are great!
Jurmala is a city of contrasts. Next to the luxurious mansions...
...there are such ruins of the Soviet-era:
Jurmala is a very small city. It has one main street (Jomas), which is parallel to the beach. This is where main crowds are concentrated.
Here's the bridal shower:
We are snacking at "Cafe 53" on Jomas.
In the evening, we had an entertainment program. Being in Norway, I bought an online ticket on the show of illusionists in the Dzintari concert hall. Many famous performances like the wits & humor competition and song contests are held here. Before the concert, there was a free performance of its participants:
Here's "cutting off" the head:
We had a great walk. And went back to


on a taxi. We pre-ordered the car by the phone. I was surprised: they've got such a cheap taxi. There are about 20 kilometers from Jurmala to Riga. We paid something about 13 Euros for that.
Author: wwworld
Source: wwworld.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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