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Walking Around Naples. P.2

o_l_g_a_r_i • 5 minutes read • November 22nd, 2016
Let's continue our walk around


(Walking Around Naples. P.1)!
Here’s the square where the church and the monastery are situated –

Piazza Gesu Nuovo

Statue of Madonna with its pedestal are so high - about 30 meters together. It’s difficult to take pictures of it.
Here’s pretty unusual facade of 

Gesu Nuovo Church

that was converted by the Jesuits at the turn of the XVI - XVII centuries from Palazzo Sanseverino. It’s unusual when the ordinary house it turned into the church, more often it happens vice versa.
I took this picture somewhere nearby. If to be more specific – on the street called "Art Alley".
What do you think - what kind of bust this is? This is Pulcinella's bust!
Pulcinella is quite popular in Naples, one of its famous songs is even called The city of Pulcinella!
And here's another strange - hum - monument?
I don't even know anything about it...
This is the rum cake...
The only problem that there's an opportunity to get drunk after eating a big portion of it)))...
We decided that it was a bit early to get drunk and went into a nice cafe to have a cup of coffee and to eat something from the local sweets. Everything was delicious! The Italians know how to make cakes, yes))).
Assortment is pretty good))).
While sitting there, we saw the shop with chocolate across the street...
So we went there and bought a bit of different things to take on the ship. For my husband, I do not really like chocolate. He liked it - it was very fresh. By the way, chocolate there can be packed in a beautiful box with views of Naples))).
I took this picture already at home, in the cabin.
Naples has a very difficult history - I won't tell you it, as it'll take too much space, but if you go there, I recommend you to read at least a little about the city. Because the city will seem clearer while walking around it.
History there is at every step - particularly in the details of houses. Everything is so close there - the ruins, houses, churches...
Such a mix of everything!
Where do you live? Me? In the church!)))...
Here's Naples Cathedral - Duomo.
It differs from many others because of the built in ancient columns - there are 110 of them!
Something in the cathedral is from the 1300s, something was created a bit (and much) later, and some frescoes are even since the 5th century.
There's the complete mix of styles...
People come here mainly to see Cappella Carafa.
This place differs from the cathedral in a positive way - it has quite a "clean" style and it's pretty spacious.
Knelt Cardinal looks very convincingly - I mean it is clear that he repents))).
And here is another picture of the cathedral...
And here are just pictures of Naples from different places...
Well, Naples is just a common city - big, lively, noisy...
Maybe, I'll come here one more time.
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Source: o-l-g-a-r-i.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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