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Walking Around Osaka

Barmoska • 3 minutes read • April 19th, 2016
In principle, the photos in this article could be called "Sketches", but let call them "Walking around


" for a change. Once, on one cloudy day of October, I strolled through the city, taking pictures of the neighborhood....
Here is such an unusually decorated cafe:

And here is a cafe with a simpler design, but also interesting:

This is near the Cosmo Square station:

And this is a familiar to many foreigners building of the Migration Service:

Here is a house:

Here are some offices:

And here is a bicycle parking:

And four-level car parking nearby:

This is a two-level subway station:

And here is a Ferris wheel:

Such an unusual bicycle:

And this bicycle is pretty angry:

Gas service station stands right next to residential houses:

Here are bombs for filling:

Air conditioners are everywhere:

And here is a local skyscraper:

Such an interesting location of escalators:

And here are normal decent stairs to the underground passage:

On the ground you can find children's creativity on the illegal parking of bicycles and vehicles:

Here's one of the numerous gyms of the martial arts:

Yes, they even have a drum.....

Abandoned motorcycle stands with a final notice about its removal from this place:

It already rusted:

Rabbits are touting to realtors:

Here's an unusual facade:

Here's also an interesting building:

And finally, here is a train:
Author: Barmoska
Source: barmoska.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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