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Walking Around Tokyo - Mingle-Mangle

Barmoska • 3 minutes read • April 14th, 2016
In this part I included photos of


without any particular subject...
Here is a multi-way intersection at Shibuya:

And this is Takeshita Street:

This is the parking of Shinkansen trains:

And here is unloading on the platform in Tokyo:

Such a cute tile with the logo of the TBS channel's character:

The projector projects the video on the steps in the underpass:

And here is an advertising of another one Korean soap opera:

People are getting down on Harajuku:

Here is a funny inflatable advertising on the tree:

And here is a  three-storey McDonald's, cripes!...

Here are "curved" metro stations:

Bears care about our safety:

The cars are new, comfortable:

And these ones have more windows than the common cars do:

TBS constantly films something:

Gackt​'s fans form the line from the very morning:

This hotel's name encourages:

And here is a new chemistry for your stomach:

This is a super poster:

They saved a little bit thanks to the escalator:

And this is the motor of the ordinary Tokyoites. In any case, a house where they parked these cars, was pretty mediocre:

You can buy already sliced melons and watermelons:

People are eating on the spot:

In many places in




 new vending machines with huge screens appeared... They didn't reach Osaka still...

It's very convenient - the range is greater, you can select the desired amount, plus the the vending machine shows advertising, increasing sales:

That fellow decided to poison himself with Red Bull:
Author: Barmoska
Source: barmoska.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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