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Walking Around Tokyo - Streets And Buildings

Barmoska • 3 minutes read • April 14th, 2016
I divided my photo report from


into several parts. The first part is with photos of streets and houses...

Here is a view of Tokyo at night from the hotel window:

And this is in the vicinity of the central railway station:

And this is near Akasaka:

This is the building of the TBS television company:

The trees grow just on the roof of a shopping center in Harajuku:

And now we are in Shinjuku:

The temperature of 38 degrees Celsius is not very conducive to long pedestrian tours:

The old against the background of the new... This is in Shinjuku:

And this is Shibuya:

Here is a small booth of the police station:

And here is an advertising of German car industry:

This is near 



There you can find small private houses:

An this is the view of Tokyo from the window of my room:

Somebody organized a picnic on the roof:

And this is


Author: Barmoska
Source: barmoska.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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