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Walking Around Venice

River Pilgrim • 4 minutes read • September 25th, 2016
This is the sea passenger port. To the left, you can see the Giudecca Canal in 


1walking-around-venice.jpgHere’s Venice, the central part.
2walking-around-venice.jpgComing from the Marco Polo airport, we passed the island of Murano.
3walking-around-venice.jpg4walking-around-venice.jpgExiting the 

Grand Canal

5walking-around-venice.jpgPortside; there’s the Church of Santa Maria della Salute (Maria The Healer), and starboard side, the 

Doge's Palace

and St. Mark's Square.
6walking-around-venice.jpg7walking-around-venice.jpgThere were gondola traffic jams in the central part of Venice.
8walking-around-venice.jpgThis is how the transportation of goods and various household wa.
9walking-around-venice.jpg10walking-around-venice.jpg11walking-around-venice.jpgThis is the quay of the Grand Canal.
12walking-around-venice.jpg13walking-around-venice.jpgIt is in the same area as Piazza San Marco.
14walking-around-venice.jpg15walking-around-venice.jpgThese are sculptures on the Cathedral of St. Mark.
16walking-around-venice.jpgThis is a pillar with the statue of St. Theodore, one of the many patron saints of Venice.
Here’s a view from below.
17walking-around-venice.jpgHere’s a view from above.
18walking-around-venice.jpgThe Piazza San Marco.
19walking-around-venice.jpgHere’s a view of the city from the campanile of St. Mark.
20walking-around-venice.jpgThis is the cathedral of St. Mark.
21walking-around-venice.jpgThe Riva degli Schiavoni.
22walking-around-venice.jpgOn the left corner of the photo, you can see the bridge connecting Venice to the mainland.
23walking-around-venice.jpg24walking-around-venice.jpg25walking-around-venice.jpgThis is the church of San Giorgio Maggiore.

26walking-around-venice.jpgHere’s Il Redentore and Santa Maria della Salute.

27walking-around-venice.jpgWe continued our trip using a local boat. A ticket for an hour-long ride cost 6.90 Euros (as of 2009).
28walking-around-venice.jpgAnd here’s the Grand Canal in the evening.
29walking-around-venice.jpgThis is the Rialto Bridge.
30walking-around-venice.jpgWalking along the side streets of San Marco.
31walking-around-venice.jpgHere's St. Mark's Campanile and the quay of the Grand Canal.
32walking-around-venice.jpg33walking-around-venice.jpg34walking-around-venice.jpg35walking-around-venice.jpgHere’s a ship in the sea port.
36walking-around-venice.jpg37walking-around-venice.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Zoozi

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