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Walking In Belfast, UK

mff • 3 minutes read • February 11th, 2017
The locals pronounce the word


in a special way so that the letter "a" has a triple length compared to the usual letter "a" in English: Belfaaast.
1walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgBelfast was almost the main industrial center of England and all over Europe. Now the heavy industry had left the Britain, leaving cranes as true icons.
2walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgIn 1908-1914, RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic, and HMHS Britannic were built in Belfast.
3walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgBelfast Downtown looks like a trivial Western European city.
4walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg5walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg6walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg7walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgAfter a 15-year-old of truce very few things remind of the partition of the Irish people in the city center: for example, the 6 columns of the

Parliament building represent

6 counties of Ulster that have remained as a part of the United Kingdom.
8walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgAlthough, there are still graffiti painted walls in residential areas as well as a tension between communities.
9walking-in-belfast-uk.pngGraffiti ("fresco") of the opposing communities look so good that it seems that they are usually refreshed for tourists.
10walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg"The murals" are painted on the security walls and on the gable facades of the buildings:
11walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg12walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg13walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgThis is a functioning fence between the Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods: in the event of riots, the passaged is closed.
14walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgThis is not a security wall. These are just high fences between the cottages and townhouses.
15walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgSchools seem to be fortified: it's a rather unusual view for Britain and Europe.
16walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg17walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg18walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgThese are the churches. A brick building in the foreground is a Protestant church.

opera house

is combined with the circus.
22walking-in-belfast-uk.jpgThe organic lamb meat is provided with a lifetime photo:
23walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg24walking-in-belfast-uk.jpg Author: mff
Source: mff.livejournal.com
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