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Warner Brothers Movie World, Australia

wwworld • 5 minutes read • January 28th, 2017
That morning the weather was good - it was sunny!

After our breakfast, we went to the amusement park

Warner Brothers Movie World

, which is located in Gold Coast in 15 minutes by bus from

Surfers Paradise

. The bus was running every 20 minutes.
1warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgThe park resembles the Universal Studio Park. The main purpose of the park is entertainment and enjoyment, whereas the attractions are made basing on the films and cartoons shot in Hollywood film studio Warner Brothers. By the way, many movies WB were filmed in Australia.
2warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgBatman amusement was the first. Actually, it wasn't scary. We sat in a special car and were trying to catch up the badmen looking on a screen in front.

After that, we went to the next attraction - Shrek 4D, which proved to be an exact copy of your California brother, so I dwell on it I will not detail.

But then the most interesting things have happened. After Shrek, we find ourselves in "Chinatown" park. There we saw a pointer to the attraction, the name of which we read only then. There were no queues at... The path led us to the pavilion, which is more like an abandoned warehouse: there were old tires, crumpled cans, paint. Passing through the hall, we realized, finally, what was that...
3warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgThe attraction is called the "Lethal Weapon" - almost the most extreme amusement of the park. Limitations on growth were both - the height below (130 cm), and higher (200 cm.). It is a suspended road that at a speed of 85 km/h sweeps suspended carriages, then soaring skyward, it rapidly approached on the ground.
4warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpg5warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgOn the way to the next attraction, we went to a magic shop of the movie Harry Potter and saw a shooting of some morning children's show.
6warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgChildren may also like the ride Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster - this is a race in trailers (for 4 persons) in the dark. First, the trailer goes smoothly and is not easily through the darkened corridors, where affrights, mummies, and flashes appeared from different sides. Then the fun begins: the trailer is sharply accelerating and rolled up and down the rails, making sharp turns to the right and to the left, occasionally lights are blinding with bright light in the darkness. All this action takes place under the loud disco music.

I liked the water attraction Wild West Falls Adventure Ride.
7warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgThen we went to the children's water area of the


8warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgThere was a show of the "Police Academy". There was a spectacular episode about a drop and explosion of a helicopter on the roof of the Academy.
9warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgThe time went quickly in the park, which closed at 5 p.m.
10warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpg11warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgAlthough, we had some time to try "Superman Escape", which accelerates in 2 seconds up to 100 km per hour.
12warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpg13warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpgAfter the park, we went to a Japanese restaurant in town Broad Beach near Surfers Paradise. In that restaurant, we were given food, which we had to prepare right in the middle of our table.
14warner-brothers-movie-world-australia.jpg Author:  wwworld
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