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Weekly Digest: Best Attractions in Scarborough and Tampa, History of Cruises in the USSR, Tour of Regal Princess, Best Cruise Tips for Millennials, and More

5 minutes read • January 26th, 2018
It's time to remember what we were talking about this week!

Top-10 landmarks of Scarborough (Trinidad & Tobago) by CruiseBe

Scarborough is a cozy port of call in Western Tobago. It lies on a sailing line of cruise ships prowling the Caribbean & Bermuda destination. This port offers exciting attractions in Scarborough and provides an ideal combination of opportunities for discoveries, relaxation, and shopping. Here are TOP-10 landmarks of Scarborough by CruiseBe – for you to plan your visit to this picturesque place.

attractions in Scarborough
Pigeon Point, Tobago by Kp93/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0
We tried to study the history of cruises. In total, we published 6 articles, and we will try to turn them into a small brochure or book soon. However, we believe that this story will be incomplete without describing the development of cruises in the Soviet Union territory.
Well, believe us, cruises in the USSR existed!
history of cruises
Dear friends, it’s time to get acquainted with the next fantastic cruise liner and her onboard attractions! Today we’d like to talk about Princess Cruises representative – the beautiful Regal Princess cruise ship – and the best places to spend an evening on her.
Regal Princess cruise ship
Regal Princess cruise ship
We continue to witness the history of cruises being written by modern cruise lines. It’s time for the next important step of Celebrity Cruises: the company’s groundbreaking Celebrity Edge cruise ship has just had her first contact with water!
Celebrity Edge
Photo courtesy of STX France
He is a ‘passionate cruiser always seeking for a new adventure.’ He is a cruise blogger who aims to inspire other people to travel. He tells fascinating stories of his trips and shows how amazing our world is. Are you ready to get acquainted with Chris from @cruisevibes and his beautiful cruise ships pictures?
cruise ship pictures @cruisevibes
Photo by @cruisevibes
Tampa, Florida is a lovely American city situated on Tampa Bay. It’s popular among travelers because of the numerous tourist attractions in Tampa, pleasant atmosphere, and, of course, because of its port. Cruise ships of the leading cruise companies, such as Royal Caribbean International, Carnival, Holland America Line and others, start their incredible voyages here – in this beautiful city full of opportunities. We offer you to check the list of the Top-10 landmarks in Tampa, FL by CruiseBe to have a great time before your cruise or after it!
attractions in tampa
Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa
Best Cruise Tips for the Millennials
Are you an 80s/90s baby? Are you fond of traveling? Are you planning to try a cruise vacation? Well, this article may be helpful for you because today we are going to discuss cruise tips for the Millennials.
cruise tips for millennials

Second Revolutionary Cruise Ship Will Join P&O Cruises Fleet in 2022​

P&O Cruises has some good news for all cruise lovers! The company will get the second revolutionary liner expected to join its fleet in the year 2022.​

p&o new ship
Photo Courtesy of P&O Cruises

Stay tuned and have a good week ahead!

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