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Weekly Digest: MSC Seaview and Viking Orion, Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms, and Great News

4 minutes read • June 15th, 2018
Are you ready to remember what we were talking about last week?

Exciting Video of MSC Seaview Cruise Ship

Last Saturday in Genoa, Italy was really eventful as June 9, 2018 became an important milestone in the history of MSC Cruises. The company’s newest addition, the MSC Seaview cruise ship, was officially named by beautiful Sophia Loren.

MSC Seaview cruise ship
Happy moments of MSC Seaview delivery
Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises

Inspiring Cruise Pictures by @cruisedream

It sometimes happened that love for cruises turned into a way of living. And you can no longer imagine the morning without the sunrise over the sea, the day without constantly changing scenery, and the night without myriads of stars and a light breeze.
Well, inspiring cruise pictures by @cruisedream and his story is clear evidence of this.

Cruise pictures @cruisedream
Photo courtesy of @cruisedream

Revolutionary Spectrum of the Seas: Royal Caribbean Shares Impressive Details on its Upcoming Cruise Ship

Last week, on June 12, Royal Caribbean International shared details on its upcoming Spectrum of the Seas, and they cannot but impress even the most sophisticated cruise lovers. Asia is going to get the biggest and the most revolutionary liner next year. 

Spectrum of the Seas
MSC Cruises Meraviglia Class Will Get Another Member in 2023

On 6/14, MSC Cruises unveiled its intention to add the 5th member to the company’s Meraviglia family of cruise ships. STX France is expected to deliver another revolutionary liner in 2023.

MSC Cruises new ships
Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises

Exciting Pictures and Videos of Viking Orion Ship

Last week we told you that Viking Ocean Cruises officially took the delivery of its latest addition, the luxury Viking Orion ship. And now she is already christened by beautiful Dr. Anna Fisher, a former NASA astronaut. Well, it’s time for her exciting inaugural season.

Viking Orion Ship
Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms

It’s no secret that Disney Cruise Line focuses on a family cruise vacation. And when it comes to holiday with kids, every detail becomes even more important, including the choice of the cabin.
Today we are going to talk about Disney Cruise Concierge rooms, the most luxury accommodation you can find on Disney’s ships.

Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms
Disney Fantasy Concierge Suite by davitydave/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Stay tuned and have a good week ahead!

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