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Weekly Digest: Things to Do in Martinique and Port Canaveral, Norwegian Dawn Features, History of Cruises, Cruise Ships Pictures, and Great News

6 minutes read • February 16th, 2018
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Top-10 things to do in Martinique by CruiseBe

Welcome to Martinique – a lovely piece of France in the Caribbean Sea! It is a beautiful green island encircled by fantastic beaches. It is a gateway into ideal shopping, relaxation, eco-tours, and extreme activities. There are so many exciting things to do in Martinique, and it is no wonder that local inhabitants call the capital of the island Little Paris. Fort de France with its cozy streets, romantic architecture, parks, churches, fountains, and other fantastic attractions has some unique atmosphere. Are you ready to plunge into it?

Mount Pelée Martinique
Mount Pelée, Martinique

7 places not to miss on Norwegian Dawn cruise ship

Norwegian Dawn cruise ship has sailed under the flag of Norwegian Cruise Line since 2002. Initially, she was planned to join the fleet of Star Cruises under the name of SuperStar Scorpio. However, the company changed its intentions, and we bet that all NCL’s fans are happy about it!
Let’s check beautiful pictures of Norwegian Dawn and take a virtual tour of 7 places not to miss on her!

Norwegian Dawn cruise ship
Norwegian Dawn cruise ship

History of cruises: Behind the Iron Curtain, USSR. Berlin - Admiral Nakhimov

We continue the story about the history of cruises in the USSR. As we've already found out in the previous parts, the Iron Curtain was not an obstacle to cruises, and cruises in the USSR existed. Moreover, several well-known German liners were transferred under the USSR flag after the Second World War. Besides, the USSR became an owner of many German and Polish shipyards. Although these shipyards are not considered the Soviet ones in literature, de facto, you can see everything for yourself.
We'd like to begin this story about the history of cruise ships with a beautiful liner SS Berlin III.

history of cruises
Berlin - Admiral Nakhimov

TUI Cruises and Meyer Turku agree on construction of Mein Schiff 7

The world’s cruise fleet is going to get another newbuild! TUI Cruises and Meyer Turku have just agreed on the construction of the next ship for the cruise line: Mein Schiff 7 intends to join her cruise family in 2023.

mein schiff

Meyer Werft unveils expected date of Norwegian Bliss float-out

Today, on February 13, Meyer Werft posted details on the Norwegian Bliss upcoming float-out. Norwegian Cruise Line’s newbuild is expected to leave the building dock on 2/17/2018.

Norwegian Bliss
Photo courtesy of Meyer Werft

Best Things to Do in Port Canaveral Before or After Cruise

Welcome to Port Canaveral – one of the world’s busiest ports! Situated in Brevard County, Florida, it attracts millions of visitors each year. Why is it so popular? Because of numerous things to do in Port Canaveral before or after a cruise. Because of the opportunity to feel like an astronaut. Because leading cruise companies have chosen it as the departure port for amazing Caribbean and Transatlantic cruises!
Let’s start our tour of the best attractions near Port Canaveral, Florida to enjoy while on the cruise!

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

P&O Cruises Australia Unveils Details on Pacific Jewel Dry Dock

Pacific Jewel is getting ready for her dry dock, and P&O Cruises Australia has just shared pictures of new onboard amenities she’s going to get.

Pacific Jewel cruise ship
Pacific Jewel cruise ship

20 Instagram Profiles with the Most Inspiring Aerial Pictures of Cruise Ships

Yes, cruise ships look amazing from any angle. However, these beautiful ladies are especially impressive from a bird’s-eye view, aren’t they? We bet you’ll get enough inspiration after checking this list of 20 Instagram Profiles with aerial pictures of cruise ships! Are you ready?

aerial cruise ships pictures

Inspiring cruise pictures by @cruiseguru

Today we’d like to get acquainted with a mother of two who has the best job ever! With a passionate cruise lover who has already been on more than 60 sailing. With a travel blogger who has many exciting things to tell you and inspiring cruise pictures to show you. Are you ready to ‘see the world by sea’ with Diane McDougall-Tierney?

cruise pictures
Photo by @cruiseguru

Stay tuned and have a good week ahead!

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