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Wet'n'Wild Water Park. Brisbane, Australia

wwworld • 3 minutes read • January 28th, 2017
One day, we took a walk along night city and beach before we went to bed.
1wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG2wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPGThe next day it was the International Women's Day, so we decided to celebrate it in the largest water park in Australia and all over the southern hemisphere. It is called


. It is literally a 2-minute walk from

Movie World

, where we were the day before yesterday, and it occupies a fairly large area. Tickets to the water park cost 40 USD (as of 2007), where all the attractions and activities of the park were included.

If you need a storage cave to put your things while swimming and riding a roller coaster, it can be rented for 7 USD (as of 2007). Moreover, the system is quite interesting. There's no key. A waterproof and tear-resistant tape with a barcode is put on your hand.
3wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG4wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPGIn short, we liked the park very much.
5wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPGSo if you're in Gold Coast, be sure to visit the

water park

and you will not regret!
6wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG7wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG8wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG9wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG10wet’n’wild-water-park-brisbane-australia.JPG Author:  wwworld
Source:  wwworld.livejournal.com
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