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What Happened to the Former Princess Ships? P. 2

8 minutes read • May 14th, 2017
We continue the series of articles about the former ships of

Princess Cruises

We ended the last article with Sea Princess that sailed under the Princess flag until 1995.

Royal Princess was the next ship of the company. She was the first company's ship with a royal name. Later there will be two more.

The ship was launched in 1984. Diana, Princess of Wales, was her godmother!
Royal Princess had 44000 GT, 8 decks, and almost 600 cabins. If we are not mistaken, there were no inside cabins!
The ship was a part of the Princess Cruises fleet until 2005. In 2005, Royal Princess was transferred to the P&O fleet. She became known as Artemis.
© Trondheim Havn/Wiki/CC BY-SA 2.0

The ship became the oldest (!) and the smallest one in the P&O fleet. In 2010, Sarah Breton became the captain of the ship. By the way, she became the second female captain of a cruise liner in the history. 
In 2011, P&O sold the former Royal Princess to the German company called Phoenix Reisen. Her new name is mv Artania.
The ship is still in service!
© kees torn/Wiki/CC BY-SA 2.0

Fair Princess was the next ship of Princess Cruises.
She is a very famous cruise liner! She was built in 1955 for Cunard and was called RMS Carinthia.
She sailed under the Cunard's flag until 1968. Then she was sold to Sitmar Line, which converted her into the cruise ship and named her Fairland and renamed Fairsea in 1971.
In 1988, the ship was bought by P&O for Princess Cruises.
The ship was used for the Pacific Ocean cruises.
In 1996, the Fair Princess was transferred to the P&O Cruises Australia fleet, where she served until 2000. Then the ship sailed under the flags of Emerald Sea Cruises and China Sea Cruises under the names of China Sea Discovery and Sea Discovery.
© Seaway7228/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

New owners tried to organize casino cruises on the ship, but they were unsuccessful. As a result, the ship was scrapped in 2003.

The first Dawn Princess joined the Princess fleet in 1988 as well. As well as the previous Fair Princess, the ship with a long history. By the way, Dawn Princess is a sister of Fair Princess.
The cruise liner was built in 1957 for the Cunard company. She was called Sylvania.
She was the last Cunard's ship built specifically for the transatlantic sailings. By the way, the ship was focused on the irregular itineraries: Liverpool - Montreal/Halifax/New York.
In 1986, Sylvania was sold to Sitmar Line just like her sister. The ship's new name was Fairwind.
© Gordon Dalzell/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

The ship was upgraded to the cruise liner. She served in the fleet of new owners until 1988. Then she was bought by P&O and sent to the Princess fleet.
Dawn Princess sailed under the Princess flag until 1993. Despite the fact that the cruise liner was popular, the company began to be interested in a large tonnage. Dawn Princess was sold to V-Ships and then transferred to Phoenix Reisen under the name of Albatros.
Despite several accidents, the former Dawn Princess sailed until 2003. In 2004, the liner was scrapped.

The year 1988 was eventful for Princess. In addition to the two ships listed above, the company's fleet was replenished with the third one: Sky Princess.
The ship was built under the name of FairSky in 1984 for Sitmar Cruises already known to us.

In 4 years, the ship was bought by P&O Cruises, named Sky Princess, and sent to the fleet of Princess Cruises.
© Aah-Yeah/Wiki/CC BY 2.0

Sky Princess sailed until 2000. It is likely that some of our readers sailed on this cruise liner!
In 2000, the ship was transferred to the fleet of P&O Cruises Australia. She was refurbished following the tastes of Australian tourists and renamed Pacific Sky.
Pacific Sky was part of P&O until 2006.
By the way, this ship influenced the development of the company. She made more than 200 cruises and carried more than 275K of passengers for six years!

In 2006, the ship was bought by Royal Caribbean and sent to the fleet of their subsidiary, Pullmantur Cruises. The ship was called Sky Wonder.
© Ian Boyle/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

In 2009, the ship was renamed Atlantic Star.
Atlantic Star began to make cruises from Portugal.
In 2013, the ship was going to be transferred to France as part of the payment for Oasis of the Seas, according to the rumors. In the same year, the ship was scrapped.

In 1989, Star Princess joined the company's fleet.
The cruise liner was built for Sitmar Cruises and was to be called FairMajesty. However, she was bought by P&O even before the launch. The ship was immediately renamed Star Princess and sent to the Princess fleet.
In 1997, the liner was transferred to the fleet of P&O under the name of Arcadia.

In 2003, Arcadia moved to the fleet of the new  P&O's subsidiary, Ocean Village, under the name of Ocean Village.
This ship was aimed at adult tourists preferring an informal way of rest.
The cruise liner was the part of the company until 2010. In fact, the company ceased to exist in 2010.
© Corgi5623/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0

In 2010, the former Star Princess was sent to P&O Cruises Australia under the new name of Pacific Pearl.
In March of this year, the ship was sold to Cruise&Maritime Voyages. In April 2017, the ship was sent to dry dock and named Columbus. Soon we will see her under the new flag.
Former Pacific Pearl © Doug Beckers/Wiki/CC BY-SA 2.0

In 1990, the Princess company was replenished with the new ship, Crown Princess.
The ship was built for Princess Cruises and sailed under the company's flag until 2002.
© MeRyan/Wiki/CC BY 2.0

In 2002, Crown Princess was transferred to the subsidiary called A'Rosa Cruises under the name of A'Rosa Blu. A year later, due to the merger of P&O and Carnival, the liner was sent to the AIDA Cruises fleet under the name of AIDAblu.
© Dieba/Wiki/CC BY-SA 2.5

In 2007, the cruise liner joined Star Princess in the Ocean Village fleet under the name of Ocean Village Two. Just like the former Star Princess, Ocean Village Two was transferred to P&O Cruises Australia under the name of Pacific Jewel in 2009.
An interesting fact: in 2010, the episodes of the Australian soap opera called "Neighbors" were filmed aboard the ship.
The ship still serves P&O.
© Bahnfrend/Wiki/CC BY-SA 4.0

That's it for today. It is the story of another part of the former Princess ships. Frankly speaking, it's difficult to believe that such a great number of ships used to sail under the flag of this company.

We'll release the third and final part very soon! Don't miss it!
With Love CruiseBe!

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