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What to Wear on a Cruise: MSC Cruises Dress Code

5 minutes read • November 28th, 2019
Dear friends, this time we’re going to discuss one of the most intriguing and the most important questions - what to wear on a cruise. We have already shared tips on what to choose for a voyage with several cruise companies. Today we’ll talk about the 

MSC Cruises dress code

MSC Cruises Dress Code
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Let's start with everyday life.
You should pack casual clothes depending on the destination that you are going to explore. First of all, bother about the comfort and relevance of your everyday outfits. A cozy sweater, jumper, hat, gloves, and other warm clothes for the Svalbard islands. Sundresses, skirts, t-shirts, shorts for the Caribbean. However, even if you are going to sail in a warm sunny region, be sure to take a cardigan, jacket, etc. The thing is that there is a difference between the temperature in the air-conditioned interior and open-air venues. Besides, as you know, the weather is so unpredictable.
Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit and flip-flops. Yes, and a cover-up to walk around the ship.
Be sure to take sportswear – we bet you’ll find a way to keep fit on a liner.
You should also remember that some cruise excursions require appropriate clothing. For example, you should pack special shoes for hiking or clothes acceptable for a tour of a temple, church, etc.

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When night falls, dress smart casual. Usually, ladies put on lovely dresses, blouses, skirts, etc., and gentlemen wear, for example, pants and polo shirts. Remember – no swimsuits and tank tops!

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And if the night is special... MSC Gala Night dress code requires more formal attire. It is a perfect opportunity to put on your favorite cocktail dress or gown and a suit and tie. Or even a tuxedo. Choose stylish jewelry, do your hair and face – you deserve to feel special this evening.
MSC formal night dress code

MSC Cruises organizes various theme parties to make your sailing really memorable. We highly recommend you become part of this exciting action.
Take something white for the MSC White Party.

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The Flower Glory Party is an exciting chance to feel the vibe of the 60s and 70s.

Don’t forget something green, white, and red for the Italian Night.

And most importantly... Be bright, be gentle, be romantic, be brave. Be yourself. Be happy. That is the point of a cruise.

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