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Wheel of Brisbane

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The Wheel of Brisbane is a Bussink R60 transportable Ferris wheel installation in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is "almost" 60 metres (197 ft) tall.

It was erected in 2008 at the northern entrance to South Bank Parklands, the transformed World Expo 88 site by the Brisbane River, as part of the 20th anniversary of World Expo 88 and the 150th anniversary of the State of Queensland 1859–2009 celebrations. Its August opening coincided with the annual Riverfire event.

It was originally operated by World Tourist Attractions, which collapsed in 2010 owing £16.4 million, and then by Great City Attractions, which collapsed in July 2012 owing £6 million.

Each of the 42 air-conditioned capsules can seat up to six adults and two children providing a total passenger capacity of 336. The ride lasts for approximately 12 minutes and provides 360° views across the city.

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