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Whiteman Park

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Whiteman Park is a 4,000-hectare (9,900-acre; 15 sq mi) bushland area located 22 km (14 mi) north of Perth, Western Australia. The park is in the suburb of Whiteman, in the Swan Valley in the upper reaches of the Swan River.

Whiteman Park is known for its biodiversity, including over 450 endemic plants and more than 120 vertebrate animals (some of which are rare and endangered). Over 17% of Western Australian bird species occur in Whiteman Park, including migratory birds attracted to the habitat provided by Bennett Brook and associated wetlands including Grogan's Swamp, a Conservation Category Wetland.

The state government purchased the land from a variety of private owners in 1978, to protect the underlying aquifer as a drinking water source for Perth. The major owner was Lew Whiteman (1903–1994), after whom the park is named.


Whiteman Park includes bushwalking trails, bike paths, sports facilities and playgrounds.

  • The Perth Electric Tramway Society runs a 4-km electric tram journey around the park.
  • Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Bennett Brook Railway
  • The Tractor Museum of Western Australia
  • The Western Australian Motor Museum
  • Bus Preservation Society
  • Revolutions Transport Museum


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