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Woodley Park (Los Angeles, California)

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Woodley Park is a recreation area managed by the City of Los Angeles and located at Victory Boulevard and Woodley Avenue. It is "a popular gathering area in the sprawling Sepulveda Basin, drawing regular crowds of model airplane, classic car, and cricket enthusiasts". The park is also the site of the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, which "includes a Japanese garden popular for weddings".


Cricket use

Woodley Park has five cricket grounds and draws many of the best cricket players in the Los Angeles area.

On many weekends, Woodley Park hosts a number of games of cricket being played by expats of Britain and Commonwealth counties, and British influenced countries, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the Caribbean.

The 1995 and 2002 U.S. national cricket championships were held at the park.

Other significant uses

Woodley Park's uses have included hosting:

  • a classic car show in 1990 that significantly outdrew a neighboring Earth Day celebration
  • weekly practice for a local bagpiping troupe in the late 1980s
  • training grounds for local archery clubs and archers who later became world and Olympic champions in the late 1990s and early 2000s
  • an anti-abortion march launching site in 1989
  • Boy Scout Jamboree for the western Los Angeles County Boy Scout Council in 1999


Woodley Park was the scene of major drug dealing in the mid-1980s and was considered a drug "supermarket" that was the most notorious spot in the San Fernando Valley for open drug sales, until curtailed by increased police patrols, undercover operations, and surveillance by civilian volunteers.

It was also the scene of:

  • a stabbing death in 1986
  • the murder of a homeless man kicked to death by two dozen men after an argument in 1988
  • shootings at two major public events in mid-1992, including at a reggae festival and, fatally, at an African-American college Greek organization event.

Dog park

Approximately 1.5 acres of the park were set aside in the late 1980s as a dog park space, although the city did not allocate needed funds by the 1990s for construction of a fence that would allow for proper use.

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