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YM Oceanic Culture and Art Museum

Ren'ai, Keelung, Taiwan
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The YM Oceanic Culture and Art Museum (Chinese: 陽明海洋文化藝術館; pinyin: Yángmíng Hǎiyáng Wénhuà Yìshùguǎn) or Yang Ming Oceanic Culture and Art Museum (OCAM) is a museum about oceanic culture and art in Ren'ai District, Keelung, Taiwan.

The Keelung City Government lists this building as one of the ten most important historic buildings in Keelung City.



During the Japanese rule of Taiwan, the museum building was the property of Nippon Yusen. After the handover of Taiwan to China in 1945, the building was taken over by the China Merchants Bureau.


The museum is accessible from Keelung Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration.


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